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New! SZ Winter 2015 ! Includes issues on the digital age of mental health, and romance for those with mental health issues!


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To our valued customers:

We are no longer offering hard copy versions of our magazines, and are now purely digital. Issues from 2014 and further back are available for purchase in hard copy while supplies last. 

Please note, that the digital subscription is NOT printable. However, we are offering a special type of subscription, called a "PRINTABLE." This subscription provides you with a version of the magazine which can be printed from any printer, and has no limits on the number of times printed. This subscription is designed for health care providers and support groups, however anyone may purchase this subscription. 

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I vaguely wondered if I was becoming "mentally ill."

Excerpt from To Cry A Dry Tear: Bill MacPhee's journey of hope and recovery with schizophrenia Sometime in this short period I vaguely wondered if I was becoming "mentally ill."...

911 Dispatcher Raises Funds with New Holiday CD

A Nova Scotia Singer/Songwriter and 911 Operator, Lana Grant recently released a new album supporting the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. The album is titled Changing the Way People Think at...


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